First one I ever wrote. It's been sitting there for a while, and it's time I put it up :-p [personal profile] my_daroga was kind enough to do a check for me, so many thanks!

This is a Christine/Raoul fic, and is more of an epilogue than anything else. Having read both Kay and Forsyth's version of Raoul and Christine's future, I was disappointed by how unrealistic and just plain mean those endings were. So, here it is!

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Epilogue )
[Yes, I know this is for LJ, but just in case...]

[ profile] masked_ball, a pan-canon, all-genre art/ficathon is open once more! We had a great turnout last year, with lots of great stories and art. I hope those of you who participated will come back, and that those of you who missed it the first time around will check us out.

How it works: story and art ideas are submitted, compiled, and claimed anonymously. You'll have until July 13th to write/draw, and the results will be posted, anonymously, throughout the summer. When everything's done, we reveal who did what.

Here's the prompt submission thread, and keep in mind you can submit prompts even if you don't want to create anything.

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Hi, and welcome to [community profile] phantomoftheopera, an all-inclusive Phantom community. While there are plenty of other places online to discuss/argue Phantom stuff, I wanted to make sure anyone who was devoted to DW had a place to do so.

So come in, introduce yourself, and let us know what brings you here!


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